About Us

and our flock!

Providing the Highest Quality Products for your Chooks

We are an independent family business based in Australia.  After breeding heritage chickens for several years, we decided to embark on a business to supply quality tested systems for raising backyard chickens.

Our first waterer (and product) was designed by my husband out of neccessity for our chooks, sourcing the buckets from a local Queensland manufacturer – who is still our supplier.

Our mission is to provide quality service and quality Australian products. We now supply a full range of equipment, quality feeds and treats for your poultry, in keeping with our ethos of using Australian, sustainable products wherever possible.

The Good Life Backyard is made possible with the help of all our family and our four children – right down to my five year old son.  We often think of ourselves as the ‘crazy chook’ family, it is a nickname we are proud of and one that has stuck!

Our flock:

Rusty the Rooster
Rusty is the leader of the flock. He loves his family and protects them with all his might!
Rusty loves foraging for bugs, especially worms. His favourite product is our ‘Insect Mix’

Daisy the Hen
Daisy is mumma chook. Her flock follow her around learning from everything she does.
Daisy loves eating chickory and herbs from the garden. Her favourite product is our ‘Herb Blend’ mixed through her food daily.


Rascal the cockerel
Rascal is the oldest child. He is headstrong and bossy! He loves learning all that rusty does, especially dust bathing with the younger chickens. Rascals favourite is our DE, it keeps him mite and lice free!.

Chickadee the chick
Chickadee is the new chick in the flock! Loved by all, and cute as a button. She spends her days munching on chick starter and our chickblend.

Uncle Eddie
Eddie is the crazy older brother of Rusty. What a sense of humour he has! He is always keeping the flock entertained. He especially loves playing with the ‘vege basket toy’. It’s like a chicken piñata!

Very good customer service. Ordered Monday arrived Thursday. My kids are very happy with their new toys. Thanks Ros! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” 

— Tracey