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How to make chalk with egg shells🥚

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Has anyone tried this? A lot a fun, and a great re-use of egg shells.
You will need:
10 egg shells
2 tspn of plain flour
4 tspn hot water
food colouring
paper towel
1. Clean eggshells thoroughly, making sure that you remove the membrane and leave them to dry.
2. Once the eggshells are completely dry, place the eggshells in a mortar and pestle (or anything you have available!) and grind the eggshells until you have a fine, fine powder.
3. Place your eggshell powder into a bowl and add 2 teaspoons of flour and enough hot water to make a stiff paste.
4. Add some food colouring to your eggshell paste. Or split it into sections to make different colours.
5. Place your eggshell paste on some thick paper towel.
6. Roll the paper towel into a tube to help you mould your chalk into a long tube shape. Or use silicone ice cube tray moulds to get a fun shape for your chalk.
7. When you have your desired shape, leave the chalk to dry for a few days.
8. Once your chalk stick has completely dried, you can now have some fun! Eggshell chalk can’t be used on your regular inside blackboards, it just doesn’t work, but it is perfect for having lots of fun outdoors maybe on driveways or pavements!

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