Dried Insects

Our premium dried insect range, Grubbies, is specially crafted to elevate the health and vitality of your beloved chickens and reptiles!

Dried insects provide a nutritious and convenient dietary supplement for chickens and reptiles. This range offers a diverse selection of insects, including mealworms, crickets, and soldier fly larvae, which are rich in protein, essential amino acids, and vitamins. Chickens and reptiles benefit from this natural food source, as it mirrors their wild diet, promoting optimal health and vitality.

For chickens, dried insects serve as a valuable protein source, aiding in feather growth, muscle development, and egg production. They also stimulate natural foraging behaviours, keeping the birds engaged and mentally stimulated.

Reptiles, such as lizards, geckos, and turtles, thrive on a diet that replicates their natural prey items. Dried insects provide a convenient alternative to live feeders, ensuring a balanced diet without the risk of introducing pathogens. Additionally, they help maintain proper calcium-phosphorus ratios, crucial for skeletal health.

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