60 L Automatic Waterer

WATER CUPS - AUTOMATIC REFILL These cups are larger and self fill. Water sits permanently in the cup. These are suited to a wide variety of animals including all poultry, waterfowl, aviary birds, cats, small dogs and wildlife. This is our 60L waterer. They come standard with four outlets. Keep your pets and poultry hydrated with fresh clean water. No wastage of water, splashing and cleaner than traditional watering solutions. Local Australian Made Tubs extra outlets available @$7.50 each Approx Dimensions of Drum: 60cm x 67cm Please note, as we recycle these drums and save them from landfill, the size and shape may vary slightly. These are all human food grade drums and have never been used to store chemicals. Drums may have patches where stickers were attached.

  • Product Care

    If using this product for poultry it should be placed on a brick, block or similar to raise off the ground. This ensures the products are kept as clean as possible, whilst also making them at an appropriate height for adult poultry.

    While these products are suitable to be placed in full sun, it is recommended they be placed in the shade or shelter where possible.

How many Water Outlets?

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