Anitone Organic Supplement

Anitone 1lt


Anitone enhances gut function, coat and feather condition, is highly palatable and can help reduce stress.


Anitone may be fed weekly or bi weekly to adult chickens, and will help them lay for longer as well as increase feather quality and colour in show chickens.


Anitone is a natural organic liquid mineral and trace element feed supplement for all animals. A liquid, organic, nutritional supplement providing over 60 minerals and trace elements in a highly bioavailable, chelated form to supplement the diets of all domestic animals. 

Anitone is the only liquid animal supplement available on the market for animal production with such a comprehensive range of ingredients, containing not only essential minerals, but also amino acids, and Vitamins A, D and Vitamin E.

Anitone is the only feed supplement on the market that is fermented in a process that mimics natural digestive processes, and is therefore highly palatable and relished by most animals. 


  • Soak seeds in a 5% solution of Anitone
  • Pour 5% Anitone solution over kitchen scraps or food treats
  • Add Anitone to water at rate of 2mls/litre

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