100% Natural Hemp Pellets


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This is my favourite product at the moment. Especially for young chicks!

Made from 100% natural hemp and is free from insecticides, pesticides, and chemical additives. No binding agent or fragrances were used in the manufacturing process. An economical natural product for the welfare of pets and pet owners alike. It can be disposed of easily and hygienically. Either by composting or recycling in with the organic waste.

Sorbliss® small animal bedding is made from 100% natural hemp plant. Free of all impurities. The super absorbency capacity being more than 12 times absorbent than straw and 4 times more absorbent than wood shavings. The super absorbency of hemp traps all bad odours. Also, the damp litter does not stick. Sorbliss® hemp pellets small animal bedding is particularly suitable for small rodent species that build their burrows and nests in the litter.

Even young animals thrive in the hemp litter, as it poses no choking or poisoning risk. The hemp also has natural thermal insulation to help maintain warmth. It can be disposed of easily and hygienically, either by composting or recycling in with the organic waste.

Dispose of the soiled litter either by flushing down a toilet, putting it in your compost bin, or simply mix it with the soil of your garden beds, as it soon rots down within 8 weeks into quality organic garden compost.

Sorbliss® Small Animal Bedding is suitable for all small animals – rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and other small animals. It is also ideal as a litter for birdcages and aviaries. It does not contain any added chemicals that can be poisonous to some small animal. Hemp also has natural thermal insulation to help maintain warmth. The high absorbency protects against unpleasant odours and keeps the enclosure dry and clean. Bedding is an important part of rodents’ housing. The wrong type of bedding may cause respiratory illnesses as they contain excess oils and aromas that rodents and other small animals cannot be exposed to for long periods of time (being more than one or two cleanings).

Pine and cedar bedding is detrimental to a small animal’s respiratory system. It has also been reported to cause the most sneezing in their rats and mice. Recycled paper tends to contain phenols, which give them their “fresh” scent, and is toxic. Remember that your rat, mouse, guinea pig, and the rabbit has their nose close to whatever bedding you give it for a large percentage of an average day, so it doesn’t want highly fragranced or dusty bedding material.

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