5 Litre Peck-Activated Waterer

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Poultry Waterer Five Litres with one-four outlets

  • Keep your chickens hydrated with fresh clean water
  • Peck-activated water outlets
  • Your poultry needs to peck/nudge the yellow tongue to activate the release of water. Full training instructions are supplied – don’t worry it’s easy
  • No wastage of water, splashing, or getting dirty
  • Fully removable lid for easy access inside
  • No tipping of bowls
  • Reduce poop and straw build-up and clogging your water
  • Perfect for bantams or a small flock
  • Food Grade Tubs
  • Australian 🇦🇺  Made Tubs

These cups are durable and remain clean as water does not constantly sit in them. These are best suited to chickens, guinea fowl, and quail.

Poultry will learn this system quickly.

If you have silkies in your flock, or ducks, I would recommend the Automatic cup option, this option has cups that stay full and requires no training.

Approx Dimensions of tub: 21cm x 18cm x 18cm

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One, Two, Three, Four

8 reviews for 5 Litre Peck-Activated Waterer

  1. Lee Warren (verified owner)

    Brilliant product

  2. Pia (verified owner)

  3. Tinna Loker (verified owner)

  4. Lauren B. (verified owner)

  5. Catherine Booth (verified owner)

    Great water container for the hens. Keeps the water so clean.

  6. Emily P. (verified owner)

    My chickens got the hang of this straight away and it’s so nice to not have to clean out their water every day! I’ve even put ice in the bucket on really hot days. I highly recommend this!

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Maria Thoumine (verified owner)

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