Allfarm Probiotic Oat Flakes – 2 Sizes

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A tasty nutritional boost containing live probiotics, vitamins, and amino acids. Probiotic Oat Flakes are formulated for birds over ~ 4 weeks of age, and large enough to consume rolled oat flakes. The live probiotics support a healthy gut microbiome, indirectly support immune function, and play a role in maintaining and supporting good digestive health. Probiotic Oat Flakes are especially recommended for birds recovering from respiratory, gut and heat conditions, and may assist in revitalising the balance of gut flora after antibiotic therapy or diarrhoea.

Allfarm Probiotic dietary supplements contain baked oats coated with vitamins, amino acids and live probiotics. Each ingredient helps support gut flora, gut health, nutrition and immune function. These products have been formulated and tested by veterinarians and are unique product combinations.

The live bacteria and yeasts in Probiotic Flakes support a healthy gut microbiome, indirectly support immune function, and play a role in maintaining and supporting good digestive health. Active, digestive microflora have important roles which influence nutrient metabolism, immune function and nutrient absorption efficiency. Healthy gut flora are also known to inhibit the establishment of some pathogens. All ingredients in this formula are easily digested and absorbed.

Birds also enjoy the taste of these supplements. Known beneficial probiotic species (Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium), fermented yeasts, hydrolysed amino acid and vitamins are adhered onto the natural glutens of the oats. This process makes the flakes attractive in smell and taste. Re-establishing a food eating pattern can be of key importance in stimulating appetite during disease recovery, and more importantly where a high level of easily digestible fibre and protein is helpful.


  • Use 1-2 scoops (10-20 g) per 5 birds, but the product is also safer at higher rates (e.g. 1 scoop per bird)
  • Mix into feed, greens, or sprinkle around the pen
  • Feed daily if birds are experiencing health problems, or after recent antibiotic treatement, or after coccidiosis challenge
  • Feed weekly (2 scoops per 5 birds) if birds are healthy
  • For birds that are younger, or too small to consume rolled oat flakes, use our Probiotic Fine Meal

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5 reviews for Allfarm Probiotic Oat Flakes – 2 Sizes

  1. ROSS BROWN (verified owner)

  2. Lisa S. (verified owner)

    The chickens went crazy with the flakes. They lived them!

  3. Peta Brady (verified owner)

    My chooks love it.

  4. Annabelle (verified owner)

    My girls absolutely love these nutritional oat flakes, giving them a boost when they need it

  5. Vanessa H. (verified owner)

    Great for a boost for chickens who are on antibiotics

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