Aussie Harvest Fruit & Nut Wreath


Looking to add a touch of Aussie charm to your feathered friend’s 🎄 holiday season? Our Aussie Harvest Bell is the perfect festive treat for your backyard, coop, or aviary.

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Indulge Your Feathered Friends with the Aussie Harvest Bell

  • Unique Wreath Shape with Ribbon: Designed to delight, this bell-shaped treat combines joy, nutrition, and fun for your birds!
  • Attached with a Hook: Easy to hang in any suitable spot.
  • Dimensions: 13x5cm, boasting a generous weight of 500-750g.

🇦🇺 100% Australian-Made: Our bell is crafted with care in Australia, supporting local artisans and ensuring a product of the highest quality.

🌿 Nutrient-Rich Goodness: Filled with a delightful mix of premium fruits and nuts, this bell provides essential vitamins and minerals for your birds’ health and vitality.

🥳 Endless Entertainment: Watch as your chickens and birds engage with the bell, offering mental stimulation and reducing boredom. It’s a fun activity for your entire flock!

🌱 High-Quality Ingredients: We use only the finest natural ingredients, guaranteeing a top-quality treat without artificial additives or preservatives.

🪝 Easy to Hang: The bell’s design makes it simple to install in any setting. Hang it securely and watch the feasting begin!

🏡 Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use: Whether placed in the coop, aviary, or garden, our Hanging Fruit and Nut Bell is perfect for all environments, providing a nutritious treat for your birds.

Treat your birds to the Aussie Harvest Bell – a perfect blend of nutrition and enjoyment!

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