Automatic Water Cup

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This Automatic Chicken Water Cup:

💦  Have new larger bowls, that self-refill

💦  Require no training or pecking by your chooks

💦  Attach to any food-grade tub

💦  Will keep your chickens hydrated with fresh clean water

💦  Mean no wastage of water, splashing or getting dirty

💦  Are such a great solution to stop tipping of bowls!

💦  Are supplied with wing-nut to secure from the back

Price is per cup

Suitable for all poultry from 6 weeks old, ducks, quail, pigeons, chickens.


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37 reviews for Automatic Water Cup

  1. Linda Mcpherson (verified owner)

    These are so wonderful. Ducks were able to use this so easily,

  2. Melinda (verified owner)

    Excellent product. My Plymouth Rocks can use them so easily.
    I love that they are automatic too.

  3. Margaret Gentle (verified owner)

    Excellent product & delivery

  4. Jamie Dunning (verified owner)

    Great quick service damn fantastic will definitely be back

  5. Daniel Colecliffe (verified owner)

  6. Kerry (verified owner)

    Im very happy with these. They are large and my chickens didnt have to try to navigate them for a drink

  7. Kerry-Anne (verified owner)

    The girls much prefer this size cup

  8. Melody (verified owner)

  9. Rita (verified owner)

    These are so good! My chickens have fresh water now.

  10. Bernadette (verified owner)

    Better than we expected

  11. Jess (verified owner)

  12. Donna (verified owner)

    very happy with this product very easy to install and are working well

  13. Wayne (verified owner)

  14. Courtney H. (verified owner)

  15. Cody (verified owner)

    Great product, strong and sturdy.
    Thanks to the wing nuts on the back easy to attach.
    9.5mm drill gives the perfect size hole.
    Great products. Definitely worth the money.

  16. Janet K. (verified owner)

    These cups are working really well, chooks went straight to them.

  17. Pia (verified owner)

  18. Janet K. (verified owner)

  19. Moira Haimona (verified owner)

  20. Janne (verified owner)

    The cups were easy to install and for the chickens to use. We had previously used another style (from another supplier) that screwed in to the PVC pipe but they continually leaked. These ones have a wingnut included and seem to work much better

  21. Christine Carter (verified owner)

    Perfect watering system! Just attach these to a large barrel and then chooks can drink to their hearts content – super easy!

  22. Sharon Parlby (verified owner)

    Love them easy to fit

  23. Gary Johnston (verified owner)

  24. Adam C. (verified owner)

  25. Robyn Inger (verified owner)

  26. Jenny (verified owner)

  27. Desmond C. (verified owner)

  28. Valerie Martin (verified owner)

    works really well!

  29. Heidi Newbery (verified owner)

  30. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    The girls only took a very short time to get used to the new water feeder. Saves me a lot of time by not having to fill the small bowls a couple of times a day as I was having to do before. Thank you for helping to make my life a little simpler.

  31. Valerie M. (verified owner)

    good size for large chooks

  32. Terry R. (verified owner)

  33. Bruce Charlton (verified owner)

  34. sharyn lane (verified owner)

  35. Kathryn W. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the automatic water cups for our hens. They were easy to install on a 20 litre bucket using a 9.5mm drill bit. The water stays clean and lasts longer and if the duck muddies one then it is simply a matter of hosing that cup and it automatically refills. The hens got used to drinking from them very quickly.

  36. Lorraine R. (verified owner)

    These are excellent my chooks didn’t have a problem drinking from them at all

  37. Catherine (verified owner)

    Bigger and easier to keep clean than my old ones.

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