Bird Perch Hideaway

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The avian retreat provided by this bird hide makes it an excellent addition to any cage, ensuring a snug and warm space for your feathered friend to curl up inside. Crafted to prioritise your pet’s safety, this hide is constructed from durable materials that maintain their form, offering a secure sanctuary where your bird can feel sheltered. Equipped with convenient hooks, this Prestige product effortlessly attaches to your cage, granting adaptable positioning.

A bird will snuggle right into this soft fleece tent with a built in perch.

Hides serve as outlets for your bird’s innate behaviours, allowing them to engage in activities like nesting, playing, and seeking shelter. Offering a secluded space can contribute significantly to your pet’s sense of ease and contentment.

Key Features:

  • Cozy tent-like sanctuary
  • Ensures bird safety and security
  • Robust perch base
  • Attached hooks for effortless cage placement

Dimensions: 22H x 17W x 30D

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