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This chicken chick waterer is a great inexpensive way to provide water.
  • Ideal for chicks up 3 months of age with the size of the holes allowing the chicks to drink without getting wet or falling into the drinker
  • Buy the bottle holder and attach a plastic bottle to set up the waterer
  • The drinker is supplied with 3 adaptors, each one having different diameters and threads
  • The chick drinker is made of a plastic material that has been carefully selected for a quality, functional and flexible product. When selecting the materials, River Systems complies with all applicable animal health and environmental regulations.
  • The chosen adaptor, once screwed on the bottle, is snapped into the specific central hole
  • Suitable for various types of plastic bottles available in the market (not included)
  • The size of the 10 holes through which the chicks drink is such that they can drink without getting wet or falling into the trough. In addition, the edges are rounded and finished to prevent the animals from injuring themselves. The bottle can be filled by pulling it out of the trough together with the insert or by unscrewing it.

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2 reviews for Chick Waterer – Bottle Holder

  1. Tara (verified owner)

    Larger than I thought but perfect if I had a lot of chickens

  2. Tara Schurr (verified owner)


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