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Keep your hens safe from predators with the ChickenGuard Premium Automatic Coop Door Opener

The Premium Door opener opens and closes the coop door automatically using both a timer and also a light sensor.

The Automatic Coop Door Opener gives you a greater freedom and peace of mind, making it easier to manage backyard chickens.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

  • Uses a light sensor and timer to automatically open and close chicken coop door
  • The timer is easy to set up with extra large buttons and LED screen
  • Need the coop to open at different times each day? no worries! Set the unit to open the coop door either by daylight or by a certain time each day
  • Suitable to lift up to 1kg
  • One-button manual open.
  • Operates in all weather conditions
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • Connect to Mains Power via USB
  • Warranty:¬†3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Does not include door


The innovative built-in light sensor will ensure that the coop door opens just as your hens are waking up and closes when it gets dark. Thus, keeping them protected overnight from foxes and other predators.

If those times don’t suit you, you can alter timing where needed, setting the timer on the panel to open or close at the precise hour or minute.

The unit comes packaged with 4 x AA batteries, ready for use. Batteries are reliable, and the unit will let you know when the batteries at a low level. However, if you would prefer you can connect ChickenGuard to external power. A USB port is located on the underside of the control box.


Compare ChickenGuards:

Standard Premium Extreme
3 year Warranty 3 year Warranty 3 year Warranty
Programmable Timer Programmable Timer Programmable Timer
Lifts 1kg Lifts 1kg Lifts 4kg
Batteries Included Batteries Included Batteries Included
Mains Power Enabled Mains Power Enabled Mains Power Enabled
Adjustable Light Sensor Adjustable Light Sensor
Works in Extreme Weather
Extra Powerful Motor


  1. Secure the unit above your coop door

    Using the screws in the package, attach the unit above an open coop door.

  2. Complete initial Setup

    Using the big buttons and LED screen you will be led through an initial setup to establish the day and time.

  3. Calibrate door

    Connect the hardy string to your coop door. Tell the unit when the door is fully open, and in a fully closed position. Once this step is complete, your door is ready to open automatically

  4. Open and Close settings

    Here, you can choose to use the light sensor to open and close the door, or a mix of timer setting and light senors. For instance, You might prefer the light sensor to activate opening the door at dawn, and a timer in the evening. The choice is yours.

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