ChickenGuard Locking Combi Extreme Door Kit

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Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener and Self Locking door kit

This combination is a must for all backyard chicken keepers. The combination of the top-selling ChickenGuard Extreme Door Opener and the self-locking door kit will ensure your flock is protected at night, giving you peace of mind.

This Coop Door Kit and opener will allow you to automatically open and close the coop door using a timer or light sensor. When the door is closed, it will lock, keeping out foxes and other chicken predators.

A customisable timer and light sensor will automatically open the door to let the chickens out and close to keep them safe from nighttime predators

Benefits of ChickenGuard Locking Combi Extreme

  • Set includes ChickenGuard Extreme Automatic Door Opener plus Self Locking Door Kit
  • The Extreme Door Opener has an upgraded and is capable of lifting larger doors up to 4kg and able to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Use the light sensor or timer to open and close the door
  • Door locks automatically when closed to prevent foxes and other predators from lifting the door
  • Open the door at the press of a single button
  • Operates in all weather conditions
  • Uses 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • Connect to Mains Power via USB port or Battery Powered
  • UK made
  • 3 Year warranty

The ChickenGuard Extreme features a built-in light sensor to open the coop door just as your hens have woken from their restful slumber. The sensor can also be used to close the door as dusk approaches.

The unit is fully programmable utilising both light sensor and/or timer, allowing you to choose how the door will operate

This is an outdoor unit, as such it has a design to withstand weather extremes including heat, cold and rain. (cold up to -10 degrees Celsius) Fully sealed to handle

Choose between battery operation or mains power. The package you will receive will include 4 x AA batteries that will reliably power the coop door opener for some time. If you prefer, the unit also features a USB port for mains power.


  • Automatic door calibration to make the installation process as simple as possible.
  • Automatic stop feature protects your chickens from getting trapped, as the door lowers and also prevents the string from getting tangled if there is an obstruction.
  • Choose from 4XAA Alkaline batteries, USB or DC power (6V to 12V – cables not included*).
  • Battery warning light is visible from 100 meters away.
  • Backup lithium cell battery (CR1220 Lithium cell battery not included) that will keep the clock working when the batteries run out or while replacing them.
  • New self-diagnosis capability with an alert message appearing on the screen until the required action has been taken.
  • An integrated LCD screen ensures it is easy to set up and alter timings when necessary. There are now extra big buttons so you can program the unit with your gloves on in the winter.
  • All electronics are enclosed in the weatherproof casing, ensuring reliable operation in the most extreme conditions.
  • New 3-year guarantee

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