Deluxe Fruit and Nut Blend



Is your feathered friend tired of the same old bland seeds? It’s time to treat them to a paradise of flavours and textures with our Deluxe Fruit and Nut Blend, specially crafted for the discerning parrot palate!

100% Australian Made

450gram resealable bag

🥜 Nutritious Goodness Packed in Every Bite:
– Grey Stripe Sunflower
– Safflower
– Banana Chips
– Raw Peanuts
– Almonds
– TROPPO Peanuts in Shell
– Coconut Chips
– Paw-Paw
– Pineapple
– Snow White Pumpkin Seeds
– Chillis for a Zesty Kick
– Dried Mango bursting with Sweetness
– Dried Apple for a Crunchy Delight

👍 Why Choose Our Deluxe Blend?
1. Premium Quality Ingredients: We source only the finest, human-grade ingredients to ensure your parrot gets the best nutrition.
2. Balanced Diet: This blend offers a diverse range of fruits, nuts, and seeds to provide essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.
3. Enrichment and Stimulation: Your parrot will love the varied textures and flavours, keeping them mentally engaged and physically active.
4. No Artificial Additives: We believe in natural goodness. Our blend contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.


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