DIY Chicken Feeder Tubes


These DIY small chicken feeder tubes offer super easy installation without extra hardware, featuring a weather-resistant design and a strong connection/seal for reliable, hassle-free feeding.


New to Australia these DIY Chicken Feeder Tubes will turn any container into a chicken feeder in 5 minutes!

I prefer to use these with bantams, small chickens, large quail, and pullets although these tubes can also be used for a mixed flock with larger chickens. Just place a port lower to accommodate the smaller in the flock.

Tube (hole) diameter approx. 75mm

Use with ANY container. Our adaptable port feeders can be used for buckets, bins, barrels, boxes, you name it. Just ensure your container is clean and has not been used to store any toxic materials.

  • Super easy installation
  • No additional hardware needed
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Strong connection/seal
  • Deters rodents & vermin
  • Designed to keep food dry and fresh no matter the weather conditions
  • No more soggy feed or pesky rodents


2 Pack:  2 x   Feeding ports instructions and access to instructional video

4 Pack:  4 x   Feeding ports , instructions and access to instructional video

6 Pack:  6 x   Feeding ports, Instructions and access to instructional video

The easiest way to install these is using an 80mm hole saw (not included)

Feed caps to block these off at nighttime if you have rodent activity are also available here.



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Two Pack, Four Pack, Six Pack


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