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Premium Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Chickens – A nutritious and irresistible treat that your feathered friends will love. These black soldier fly larvae are grown and processed in Australia, ensuring the highest quality. Free from GMOs and additives, they are specially designed to look like live food, appealing even to the fussiest eaters. Packed with protein, calcium, and essential fats, these larvae boost egg production, enhance feather health, and support overall vitality. Easy to serve and store, they’re the ideal choice for enriching your chickens’ diet with minimal effort.


Premium Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Chickens (BSFL)

Are you looking for the best treat to keep your chickens happy and healthy? Our Premium Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Chickens are exactly what you need! Perfectly popped to resemble live larvae, these treats are irresistible, even to the pickiest of chooks.

Already have one of our tubs? Why not buy a refill? Save money and reuse at the same time! Plus, it’s good for the environment.

Why Choose Our BSFL?

  • Australian Grown and Processed: Proudly sourced and produced in Australia, ensuring top-quality and supporting local agriculture.
  • Non-GMO and Natural: Our BSFL poppers are naturally dried and completely free from additives, preservatives, or fillers.
  • Nutrient-Rich: These larvae are packed with essential nutrients, including:
    • 75x More Calcium than mealworms, vital for strong eggshells.
    • 50% Protein for robust feather growth and overall health.
    • 30-40% Healthy Fats, providing energy and aiding in nutrient absorption.
    • Phosphorus, Fibre, Lysine, and Dietary Fats, contributing to your chickens’ balanced diet.

Convenient and Long-Lasting

Packaged in a resealable zip-top bag, our Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae for chickens stay fresh and easy to serve. Simply store in a cool, dry place for up to 12 months—no refrigeration needed!

Benefits for Your Chickens

  • Stronger Shells and Healthier Feathers: High protein levels boost feather development and immune health, while calcium supports egg production.
  • Easy to Feed: These dried larvae are more convenient than live mealworms. You can feed them by hand, in a dish, or sprinkle them on the ground, making feeding time simple and enjoyable.

With these Premium Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Chickens, you’re not just giving your flock a treat—they’re getting a health boost in every bite. Treat your chickens to the best with our Australian-grown BSFL poppers today

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