THE BOSS 60 Litre Nipple Waterer

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Australian-made nipple waterer drums: Clean, efficient, and UV-stabilised. Easy setup, no water wastage. Perfect for holidays, ensures poultry hydration with minimal maintenance. Game-changer for coops.

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Australian Made

These waterers are the absolute cleanest option possible!

Poultry will learn this system quickly.

These nipple waterer drums are an absolute GAME-CHANGER! Go on holiday knowing your flock has access to water. Depending on your flock size, you don’t need to top up for months!

    • No more dirty water and thirsty chickens!
    • UV Stabilised, Australian Made Plastic
    • No water wastage
    • No splashing
    • Stays clean
    • Easy access with removable screw top lid
    • No bowl tipping
    • Food-Grade Tubs
    • Nipples included
    • Easy setup
    • No tools required
    • Move around the coop easily with two sets of handles

Approx Dimensions of Drum: 65cm x 42cm x 42cm


Why a nipple waterer?
Do you want the cleanest waterer in the coop?
Nipple waterers are the cleanest and most efficient option for chicken waterers.
  • Reduces Water Spillage and Contamination: Unlike traditional open waterers, nipple waterers greatly minimise water spillage. This keeps the coop environment cleaner and drier, significantly reducing the risk of diseases and parasites that thrive in moist conditions.
  • Constant, Fresh Water Supply: These waterers provide chickens with continuous access to clean water, which is essential for their health and productivity.
  • Enclosed Design Prevents Debris Contamination: The enclosed nature of nipple waterers prevents debris, feed, and fecal matter from contaminating the water, a common issue with open waterers. This feature ensures higher water hygiene and reduces the need for frequent water changes.
  • Promotes Natural Pecking Behaviour: Nipple waterers encourage chickens to peck to release water, aligning with their natural behaviour. This not only provides mental stimulation but also creates a more stress-free environment.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Due to their design, nipple waterers are easier to maintain compared to traditional waterers. They require less frequent cleaning and refilling, saving time and effort for the poultry keeper.
Grab one of our nipple waterers to see why they are the superior choice for maintaining the health and well-being of your flock while ensuring a clean and efficient coop.

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  1. Geoff Orchard (verified owner)

    Works great no more cleaning water dishes

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