Bird Toy Foraging Wheel

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Reinforcement Foraging Wheel is a must have toy!

Parrots need to utilize the knob in order to rotate the cover plate and reveal the food compartments within. To detach the wheel from its holder, the caretaker should pull down the latch located at the bottom of the bracket, lift the cover plate, and unhook it from the top. The wheel can then be easily unscrewed from the cover plate, allowing for the chambers to be filled. After refilling, the cover plate is reattached, the wheel hooked back in at the top, and then folded down and secured to the bracket by pressing the bottom latch inward until it clicks shut. This process takes only a moment, yet it provides your parrot with hours of engagement.

For optimal engagement, consider placing different food items in each chamber. This toy is designed to accommodate larger food items such as nuts and dried fruits. Please refer to the provided image for examples of suitable food items.

This toy is both refillable and highly interactive. It provides positive reinforcement for your parrot. It features stainless steel hardware and is constructed from durable, break-resistant polycarbonate plastic. Additionally, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The wheel can be securely fastened to the cage from the outside.

The total thickness of the toy, including the screw, measures 7cm.

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