Egg to Chick Raising Bundle



Witness the Journey of Life, from Egg to Fluffball! 

What’s Included:

1. Cutting-Edge Incubator: Where Miracles Begin!
– State-of-the-art River Systems 12-egg Automatic incubator with precise temperature control.
– Dive deep into the wonders of incubation.

2.  Hygrometer/Thermometer: Creating the Perfect Habitat!
– Ensure optimal humidity and temperature levels for thriving chick development.
– Hands-on learning about environmental conditions and their vital role.

3.  Egg Candling Torches x 4: Illuminating Nature’s Secrets!
– Illuminate the fascinating world of embryo development inside the egg.
– Witness the stages of chick growth up close.

4. Brooder Box: A Comfortable Home for Your Growing Chicks!
– Provide a safe and nurturing environment for your young chicks to flourish.
– Encourage exploration and development in a controlled space.

5.  Chick Waterer & Feeder: Nourishment for Every Stage!
– Ensure your chicks have access to clean water and balanced nutrition.
– Foster healthy growth and vitality from the very beginning.

7.  Chick Starter Feed (2 Weeks’ Supply): Nourish Your Flock to Greatness!
– Enough high-quality chick starter feed to sustain 12 chicks for two weeks.
– Ensure they get the best start in life.


Educational Benefits:

  • Comprehensive STEAM Integration: Engage with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics in a hands-on manner.
  • Experiential Learning: Foster curiosity, observation skills, and critical thinking.
  • Responsibility and Compassion: Teach students the value of nurturing and empathy.
  • Lasting Memories: Create indelible experiences and a profound appreciation for life.

Why Choose Our Egg to Chick Raising Bundle?

  • Aligned with Curriculum Standards: Seamlessly integrates with existing educational objectives
  • Sustainable Resources: Equipment designed for repeated use, promoting eco-conscious practices
  • Suitable for All Ages: Adaptable to different grade levels, from elementary to high school
  • Cultivate Future Scientists: Ignite a passion for biology and agriculture in young minds
  • Ignite Curiosity, Foster Responsibility, and Create Lifelong Memories!


Please note: You will need to source fertile eggs locally.  As the educator you will need to ensure you have sufficient knowledge and skills to successfully hatch the eggs and care for the chicks. This process is relatively straight forward. Please see links below for more information.

How to incubate eggs

How to raise chicks


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