Galvanised Poultry Feeder with cover


Italian-made Galvanised Poultry Feeder with Cover: a durable, weather-resistant solution for your poultry’s feeding needs. Featuring inward rolled edges to minimise feed waste, a removable cover for easy refills, and adjustable feed levels for precise control. Optional rain shield available. Designed for easy suspension and efficiency, it ensures your feed stays dry and fresh, making it an essential tool for every poultry keeper.

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Italian madeĀ 

  • A high quality galvanised feeder with a cover to keep the weather out of feed
  • Inward rolled edges on the base act to reduce scratching and feed loss
  • The plastic cover can be removed for easy refilling
  • The feeders can be suspended by the top centre spindle
  • An internal adjustment clip makes changes to the feed level possible
  • An optional galvanised rain shield can also be purchased in case of an unexpected shower of rain
  • Supported by a vertical rod and two metal crosspieces. The rod is equipped with three holes that allow as many regulation levels of the feed in the plate. The adjustment takes place thanks to a split pin that fixes the cylinder at the desired height. A hole in the upper part of the rod allows to hang the feeder.

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