Grubbies Dried Insect Medley

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A backyard insect buffet of dried mealworms, popped soldier fly larvae, and dried crickets.

Packed full of protein and calcium that can be fed straight from your hand, scattered on the ground, placed in a feeding dish or added to your daily feed.


Dried Mealworms

  • 100% Natural Dehydrated Dried Mealworms
  • No preservatives or additives
  • High in protein as well as Amino acids
  • Aids healthy egg production
  • Up to 5 times as much protein as live worms without the mess or high mortality rate
  • Lasts up to 12 months
  • Supplied in a resealable bag
  • Can be rehydrated by soaking in warm water

Dried Crickets

  • 100% dried crickets
  • Sustainable protein source
  • Can be fed to chickens, reptiles, and other species of omnivorous birds
  • Feed as part of a balanced diet

Larvae Poppers

  • Naturally dried
  • Free from any additives, preservatives, or fillers
  • Packed with Essential Nutrients – Compared to other bird treats, these contain 75x more calcium for birds than mealworms, 36-42% protein, 30-40% healthy fat, phosphorus, fiber, lysine & dietary fats
  • Packed in a resealable zip-top to keep your larvae poppers for hens fresh and easy to open. Store in a cool, dry space for up to 12 months; No refrigeration is needed.

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8 reviews for Grubbies Dried Insect Medley

  1. Kylie P. (verified owner)

  2. Jan Jones (verified owner)

    My girls lurv this product.

  3. Madeleine Smith (verified owner)

  4. Bridie (verified owner)

    The ladies loved it!

  5. Louisa (verified owner)

    A total fave of the hen house!

  6. Crystal (verified owner)

  7. Patricia V. (verified owner)

  8. Judy K. (verified owner)

    The girls love these dried grubbies

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