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Inca Sulfa 3 is a safe antibiotic for chickens. The formula designed to treat bacterial enteritis, respiratory disease, chlamydia, and coccidiosis.

It comes ready to add to water and should replace your bird’s daily drinking supply. Inca Sulfa 3 should not be given to birds bred for the production of eggs and meat. As with any medication, you should seek health advice from a vet if you are unsure how to use this medication.

  • Completely safe to use according to recommended dosage.
  • Easily added to water for stress-free preparation and administration.
  • Safe to give repeatedly over the course of 5-7 days.
  • Quick and effective at eliminating infection.


Ingredients: 120g/L Sulfathiazole. 40g/L Sulfadimidine. 40g/L Sulfamerazine

Inca Sulfa 3 is a Triple Sulphonamide Water Medicant for the treatment of bacterial enteritis sensitive to sulfonamides, respiratory disease (‘Coryza’), one eyed cold (Chlamydia), and coccidiosis in ornamental cage birds.



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