Insect Glue Trap


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This remarkable Insect Glue Trap attracts and traps flying insect pests around your coop, plants, fruits and vegetables. It is an effective product that works in the rain, sun or wind that requires no on- going maintenance, has no poison, no chemicals and no vapours or baiting.

The Glue Trap is a bright yellow colour and double sided (240mm x 170mm). This therefore sends out a unique colourful wavelength that attracts a broad range of small flying insects.

These include:
Fruit flies (both male and female)
Black flies
White flies
Cabbage moths
Midges and the every day-to-day small flying insect pest

The Outdoor Complete Insect Glue Trap is an exceptional glue trap that can withstand constant heavy rainfall, extreme heat and wind conditions and still remain intact, robust and work effectively.

The Outdoor Complete glue trap is (240mm x 170mm) . Double the size of other traditional glue traps.
The glue trap is a strong plastic, unique “dry” glue and strong twist ties that DO NOT roll up in the heat, get torn away by the wind or lose its performance after days of rain.

The glue trap can still work effectively after 3 months of constant rain, and is not just designed for greenhouses.
Outdoor Complete is an Australian family company. Complies with government regulations; MSDS, Public Liability etc.

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