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Discover the Alfresco Gardenware Tall Insect Hotel: A charming and functional addition to any garden. This insect hotel, available in black with a zinc roof, attracts beneficial insects like native bees, ladybirds, and more. Its design features bamboo tubes and wooden dowels, perfect for nesting and breeding. By inviting these helpful insects, you promote garden biodiversity and natural pest control. Ideal for hanging near food sources and water, this eco-friendly hotel is made from FSC-certified timber and bamboo.

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Crafted by Alfresco Gardenware, this Tall Insect Hotel not only adds a unique decorative touch to your garden but also serves as an inviting sanctuary for vital garden-friendly insects and pollinators. It provides a secure space for them to inhabit and reproduce.

Designed with an array of bamboo tubes and wooden dowels featuring small openings, this hotel is the perfect abode for native bees like the blue banded and resin bees. It also welcomes other advantageous insects such as ladybirds, lacewings, paper wasps, spiders, and more, who find refuge among the various sized tubes.


Benefits of Having an Insect Hotel in Your Garden:

This insect hotel creates a nurturing habitat for solitary bees, butterflies, ladybirds, and other helpful insects, fostering biodiversity and aiding in natural pest control within your garden.

Bees utilise the bamboo tubes for laying eggs, stocking them with nourishment for their future offspring. Meanwhile, predatory wasps use these tubes to store prey like greenfly larvae, aphids, and caterpillars, feeding their young.

Each resident insect plays a role in cultivating a more vibrant and ecologically balanced garden environment.


Ideal Placement in Your Garden:

For optimal benefits, position the insect hotel near a variety of food sources such as flowering or fruit-bearing plants. A nearby water feature, like a shallow bird or bee bath, is also recommended. Placing it away from harsh weather or direct sunlight will enhance its durability.


Materials and Dimensions:

  • FSC-certified Timber
  • Bamboo
  • Zinc roof
  • Metal Hook
  • Size: 15cm Width x 60cm Height x 10cm Depth

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