Malaban Wash

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Malaban Wash Inca

Two sizes available:

  • 250ml
  • 500ml

Product Description

  • Controls fleas, lice & adult brown dog ticks on dogs, cats and in dog kennels
  • Also controls scarcoptic mange mites on dogs and cats
  • Aids in the control of red mites in aviaries as per directions for use


  • Dogs
    • Fleas & Lice – Mix 15mL of Malaban Wash with 1L of water and swab animal.  Repeat in 7 – 10 days if necessary.  Saturate the kennel thoroughly, concentrating on cracks and crevices.  Remove animal until the kennel dries
    • Scarcoptic mange & Ticks – Mix 30mL o with 1L of water and swab animal. Repeat in 7 – 10 days.  Does not control paralysis tick.  In tick season daily searching for and removal of any tick found is recommended.  Search the animal thoroughly including between the toes and behind the ears.
  • Cats
    • Fleas – Mix 15mL with 1L of water swab animal.  Repeat in 7 – 10 days if necessary.
  • Aviaries & Lofts
    • Red Mites & Lice – Mix 15mL Malaban Wash with 1L of water.  Remove birds, then spray the aviaries & lofts thoroughly including nesting boxes, litter & walls.  Return birds when aviaries etc are dry.  As total control of pests requires appropriate treatment for both the animal and its environment, also treat birds with suitable registered insectide.

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