Metal Bird Treat Clip



Metal Bird Treat Clip – price per clip

  • Designed with a convenient back buckle for easy installation in your parrot’s cage.
  • These versatile feeding clips securely hold fruits, vegetables, and other treats for birds and small pets.
  • Compact size: Approximately 1.97×1.26×0.51 inches, providing a great feeding tool while protecting your hands from any playful pecks
  • Suitable for a wide range of birds, including conures, quakers, african greys, macaws, and cockatoos, as well as other small pets.

Durable Material:
– Crafted from plated metal, ensuring longevity and durability for extended use.

– Material: Metal
– Size: Approx. 1.97×1.26×0.51 inches
– Weight: Approx. 6g

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