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This chicken health bundle includes a selection of favourites from our natural blend range, all specifically targeted at Autumn health.

Autumn is a stressful time for chooks, with hens suffering moult and pullets getting ready for their first lay.

These will ensure your chooks are kept in tip-top shape!

Suitable to use as daily additives for any flock

Optional top-up of Vetsense Avi-Vital at a discounted price


Do you love the natural wellness bundles? Well, they are now available on a seasonal subscription!  Receive our popular Natural Wellness bundles once per season – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. We also take all the stress out of remembering to order by automatically delivering your natural bundle at the start of the season (cancel anytime, no ongoing contract or fee). You can learn about The Chicken Run here. Click here to view the seasonal subscription.


Bundle includes:

Calci-Protein Blend – 400g

This blend will help support the formation of strong egg shells in laying hens. Did you know laying hens require up to three times as much calcium as non-laying hens?

This is a unique blend of all-natural grains, herbs and spices.  And, has been designed to increase your hens protein and calcium levels, giving them the best chance to lay healthy nutritious eggs with a strong hard shell.

These ingredients have been blended by hand, at the perfect ratios to supplement your normal feed regime.

⭐ Harden up those shells!

⭐ Boost the immune system and prevent infection

⭐  Improves digestive and intestinal health


Gut Health Blend

Gut Health Blend is designed to support and maintain your chickens gut health.  Poor digestive health can cause a multitude of issues and can cause your chickens to have dirrahoea or watery poo. Your chooks can become lethargic and go off the lay.

Our gut health blend can be mixed with your regular feed, or it can be mixed with yoghurt and honey(provided) to give your chooks a real pro-biotic booster.

Probiotics for chickens can help to prevent and clear up diarrahoea. If you have an adult chicken with a chronically “poopy” butt, try this blend.

⭐ Improve the function of the pancreas, tummy and liver

⭐ Improves yolk colour

⭐ Boost the immune system and prevent infection

⭐ Improves digestive and intestinal health


Poultry Porridge

Poultry Porridge is a nutritious treat for chickens especially during the winter months.

A hearty, nourishing meal to supplement your chook’s’ daily diet and warm their tummies!

It cab be fed in the morning or evening. Just add warm water and honey (provided) to create a porridge-like consistency.

Our poultry porridge also contains organic layer mash, so you can ensure you are not just filling their tummies with less nutritious treats, but adding to their overall diet.


Optional discounted top-up Vetense Avi-vital

Vetsense Avi-VITAL is a multi vitamin, mineral, amino acid and prebiotic supplement for use during periods of stress, extreme heat, cold, onset of laying and onset of moult.

The addition of prebiotic improves gut health by fostering the growth of good bacteria which assist the digestion process and therefore the absorption of nutrients.

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Wellness Bundle, Wellness Bundle with Avi-Vital

8 reviews for Natural Wellness Bundle – Autumn Edition – Shipping Included

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    Great assortment of goodies and the girls love them

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Chickens are loving it.

  3. Lana Everett (verified owner)

    Someone put alot of thought into this, my girls love it!

  4. Donna (verified owner)

    My girls love these, fight over them so no trying to trick them into eaten it. It has been working well for two of the ladies as they are rescue hens and one was laying without shell and the other was thin and sometimes not great at all I have been feeding them this bundle and eggs are looking better and even for the girls who aren’t having issues. The one that doesn’t lay with a shell has started laying with shell, thin but at least it is a shell, so heaps of improvement, really happy and will be buying again (have already 😁)

  5. Leanne N. (verified owner)

    Love this bundle. My hickens love the variety of treats

  6. Melissa Foster (verified owner)

    Our girls love it all !

  7. Julie (verified owner)

  8. Laurel Neill-Ballantine (verified owner)

    My hens love it.

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