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The Nestomatic rollaway nest box is a beautifully designed laying nest that offers poultry a comfortable and sheltered place to lay their eggs. A nicely made ventilated nest box. All galvanised steel and UV-resistant plastic. The box is a generous 30cm square, with a height of 49cm overall. Swinging plastic curtains give cosy feel inside that poultry prefer for laying. The inside floor features an easily removed soft plastic mat.

The laying nest is easy to clean since there are few seams in the construction. The slightly tilted nest mat replaces the traditional litter and makes sure the eggs roll into the sump tray undamaged. Dirty or pecked eggs are settled for good because the animals cannot get to the eggs anymore. On a daily basis, you open the lid and grab some ready-to-eat fresh eggs. The heavy-duty galvanized sheet material and the UV-resistant strong ABS-plastic make sure this Nestomatic offers years of good use.

  • Polyethylene nest mat included; immune to harmful bacteria, keeps eggs clean & is removable
  • Precisely adjustable angle of inclination for the nest mat, all types of eggs will remain intact
  • Long lifespan due to strong 1mm thick zinc metal sheet
  • UV-resistant ABS plastic
  • Easy to connect multiple laying nests – connectors come with each nest so you can easily bolt these together to form a bank of nests
  • Each nest is suitable for up to 4 hens

Why choose this rollaway nest box?

The Nestomatic rollaway nest box is the top choice for poultry keepers. Crafted with precision, it provides a secure, comfortable environment for egg-laying. Built from galvanised steel and UV-resistant plastic, it ensures longevity. With dimensions of 30cm square and 49cm in height, it offers ample room. The swinging curtains create an inviting atmosphere, ideal for egg-laying.

Featuring a removable soft plastic mat, cleaning is a breeze. Its tilted design ensures eggs safely reach the tray below, preventing soiled or pecked eggs. With minimal seams, maintenance is easy. This nest box is a guarantee for egg quality.

Made with 1mm thick zinc metal sheet and UV-resistant ABS plastic, it promises years of service. Connect multiple nests effortlessly with provided connectors, customising your setup. Each nest accommodates up to 4 hens, providing an efficient solution for your poultry operation. Elevate your egg production with the Nestomatic’s quality, convenience, and reliable results.

What is a rollaway nesting box?

A rollaway nest box is cleverly engineered to prevent hens from accessing their laid eggs, minimising pecking and damage. The innovative design employs angled surfaces, guiding eggs away from the laying area.

Its enclosed configuration provides hens with a secure, private egg-laying space, often featuring a convenient handle for effortless relocation. This invention has transformed egg collection, enhancing efficiency and hygiene.

By safeguarding eggs, rollaway nest boxes improve overall flock management and egg quality, prioritizing both practicality and the welfare of the hens.

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