Pipe Drinker Attachement

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Pacifier-type drinkers can be used for all species of birds in the household (chickens, day-old chicks, turkeys / turkeys, pheasants, peacocks, pigeons, pigeons, partridges, adult quails, etc..

This model of drinkers is especially suitable for raising birds on the ground (yard or open spaces, in halls, stables or huts). They can also be used with cage mounting (for example on quails).

The principle of operation is of “fallen nail”, similar to a bathtub stopper, imagine a permanently closed bathtub stopper, under which there is a small rod that by operating “jumping” lets one or two drops of water pass.

When the bird lifts the rod, one or two drops of water pass directly into its beak, the operation described above will be repeated until the bird drinks the desired amount of water.

The drinker has a built-in collar that closes by overlapping the two serrated halves around the plug connecting the drinker with the PPR pipe, and the plug has a silicone gasket for sealing.

The drinker’s nipple is detachable which allows the owner to sanitize the drinker whenever necessary.

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