Rollaway Nesting Box with Legs (free-standing)

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Introducing our Rollaway Nesting Box with legs, designed for easy, peck-free egg collection. Elevated legs, enclosed rear, and a portable handle ensure cleanliness and accessibility. Slanted trays protect eggs. Dimensions: 364 x 372 x 446H.

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Rollaway nesting box designed for easy collection of eggs (eggs protected from pecking)

  • Legs to raise the laying nest off the ground (no tools required)
  • Fully enclosed at the rear
  • Free-standing
  • Easy handle to move around the yard or chicken pen.
  • Sloped roof to reduce roosting
  • The laying trays slant forward slightly allowing the eggs to roll forward under the green front lid and stay protected from damage
  • 364 x 372 x 446H total dimensions

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Rollaway with Legs Nest Box Instructions

What is a rollaway nest box?

A rollaway nest box is a specialised nest box designed to facilitate egg collection in poultry farming. It’s ingeniously engineered to prevent hens from accessing their own eggs after laying, thus reducing the likelihood of pecking and damage. This innovative design features sloped or angled surfaces within the box, causing freshly laid eggs to gently roll away from the laying area.

Typically elevated off the ground on legs, a rollaway nest box is easy to clean and helps maintain a sanitary environment. Its enclosed structure offers hens a secure and private space for egg-laying. This box is equipped with a convenient handle, allowing for easy relocation within the coop or chicken yard.

This clever invention has revolutionised egg collection, making it more efficient and hygienic for poultry keepers. By safeguarding the eggs from potential harm, rollaway nest boxes contribute to higher egg quality and better overall flock management. Their design strikes a balance between practicality and the welfare of both the hens and their precious produce.

Why choose this rollaway nesting box?

Introducing our Rollaway Nesting Box, meticulously designed for effortless egg collection while ensuring maximum protection from pecking. Featuring elevated legs, installation is tool-free, lifting the nesting area off the ground for enhanced cleanliness and accessibility. The nest box is fully enclosed at the rear, providing a secure and private laying environment. Its free-standing structure offers versatility in placement.

Equipped with a convenient handle, it’s effortlessly portable within your yard or chicken pen. The sloped roof design discourages roosting, maintaining a tidy nesting space. The laying trays are ingeniously slanted forward, guiding freshly laid eggs beneath the protective green front lid, preventing any potential damage.

With total dimensions of 364 x 372 x 446H, this nesting box strikes a harmonious balance between functionality and space efficiency. Elevate your egg collection process with this thoughtfully crafted Rollaway Nesting Box, combining convenience, protection, and durability in one indispensable poultry accessory.

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10 reviews for Rollaway Nesting Box with Legs (free-standing)

  1. Ilona Baker (verified owner)

    Great product and easily Assembled. Quick delivery

  2. Mary Janssen (verified owner)

  3. Sue May (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Nikky Malcolm (verified owner)

    Fixed my issue with egg-eating right up! Easy to assemble, easy to clean.

  6. pamela timbs (verified owner)

    Easy to put together good product

  7. M (verified owner)

    Smaller than I expected – would be excellent for the smaller variety of bird.

  8. Emma R. (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good quality. Now I just have to convince my hens that this is where I want them to lay lol

  10. Aisling Jones (verified owner)

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