THE BOSS BABY 30 Litre Feeder


Large size, top quality, 30-litre chicken feeder, proudly Australian-made. Minimises feed wastage and rodent activity. Includes rain cover and secure lid. Easy setup, no tools required.


Introducing the boss of all chicken feeders, in the baby size (well its 30 litre so not really a baby!).

  • Certified Australian owned and made.
  • Minimises spillage of food by making it harder for chickens to scratch food everywhere. This reduces feed costs and can reduce rodent activity.
  • Rain cover over the feeding port is included.
  • Australian made BPA free and 100% food grade tubs.
  • Removable lid for easy access inside.
  • Supplied with three outlets.
  • Easy to move around the coop
  • No tools required for setup, just fill and your chickens will come!

Feed cap to block access at nighttime is also available.

Approx Dimensions of Drum: 30cm x 50cm

Why choose The Boss Baby Feeder?

Meet the Ultimate Chicken Feeder: Perfectly Compact, Incredibly Efficient!

Introducing the powerhouse of chicken feeders, available in a “baby” size of 30 litres – though it’s anything but tiny!

Proudly Australian Owned and Made:
Rest easy knowing your investment supports local businesses. Crafted with precision and dedication, this feeder is a testament to Australian craftsmanship.

Minimise Food Waste, Maximise Savings:
Say goodbye to scattered feed! This feeder is designed to make it more challenging for chickens to scatter food, reducing costs and discouraging rodent activity.

With a built-in rain cover over the feeding port, your chickens’ feed remains protected from the elements, ensuring it’s always fresh and ready.

Safety First with BPA-Free Materials:
Made from high-quality BPA-free and 100% food-grade tubs, this feeder guarantees safety and durability for your flock.

Easy Access for You, No Access for Pests:
The removable lid provides easy access for filling and maintenance. Additionally, three outlets ensure efficient food distribution.

Effortless Setup and Mobility:
No tools required! Simply fill and let your chickens enjoy. Easy to move around the coop, it adapts to your setup effortlessly.

Nighttime Security with Feed Cap:
Opt for added security with the feed cap, ensuring access is limited when needed, providing an extra layer of protection for your flock.

Invest in the best for your flock and experience the convenience and peace of mind that our boss baby chicken feeder provides.

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Weight 3 kg


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