THE BOSS BABY 30 Litre Nipple Waterer

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Introducing the Ultimate 30-Litre Chicken Waterer, proudly Australian-made for your feathered companions. These waterers are the absolute cleanest option possible!


Introducing the boss of all chicken waterers, in the baby size (well its 30 litre so not really a baby!).

Australian Made

These waterers are the absolute cleanest option possible!

Poultry will learn this system quickly.

  • No more dirty water and thirsty chickens!
  • UV Stabilised, Australian Made Plastic
  • No water wastage
  • No splashing
  • Stays clean
  • Easy access with removable screw top lid
  • No bowl tipping
  • Food-Grade Tubs
  • Four nipples included
  • Easy setup
  • No tools required
  • Move around the coop easily with two sets of handles

Approx Dimensions of Drum: 30cm x 50cm


Why choose The Boss Baby Nipple Waterer

Designed for Efficiency and Hygiene

Our 30-litre chicken waterer sets a new standard in poultry hydration. Crafted with precision from UV-stabilised, Australian-made plastic, it guarantees a clean and reliable water source for your flock.

Effortless Training and Cleanliness

This waterer ensures your poultry adapts swiftly to its intuitive system. Say goodbye to dirty water and thirsty chickens, as it eliminates wastage, splashing, and tipping. The design prioritises cleanliness, making maintenance a breeze with its easily removable screw top lid.

Premium Construction for Safety

Rest easy knowing your flock drinks from food-grade, BPA-free tubs. This waterer boasts quality and durability, ensuring your chickens receive only the best.

Seamless Installation and Mobility

Setting up is a breeze, no tools required. With four included nipples, it’s all you need for a comprehensive water supply. The two sets of handles allow easy movement around the coop, ensuring your chickens have access to water where they need it most.

Ideal Dimensions for Space Efficiency

Approximately 30cm x 50cm, this waterer strikes the perfect balance between capacity and space-saving design. Whether you have a small backyard flock or a larger operation, it caters to your needs.

Invest in the Best for Your Flock

Elevate your poultry care with the convenience and reliability of our 30-litre automatic waterer. Order now and experience the difference it makes!

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Weight 3 kg
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Two, Four

1 review for THE BOSS BABY 30 Litre Nipple Waterer

  1. Annette G. (verified owner)

    Took a while for the chooks to adjust to a new waterer, but now happy

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