This Chicken Life: Stories of chickens and the Australians who love them


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Published: 26th November 2019
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Having chickens in your life is so hot right now. If you’re not obsessed yourself, you know someone who is.

Within a few years, keeping backyard chooks has gone from being something your nonna did, to the mainstream. Chickens are in inner-city backyards and comedy gigs, old people’s homes and poultry shows, prisons and weddings. Regional poultry clubs have been revitalised by the influx of tree-changers and hipsters intoxicated with exotic heritage breeds.Rescue chickens are the new black, and the perfect feel-good accompaniment to your rescue dog. Chickens are an essential component of the permaculture, locavore, sustainability, self-sufficiency and low food mile movements. Chickens are owning Instagram. Chickens are everywhere.

A collaboration between writer, comic and chicken owner, Fiona Scott-Norman, and acclaimed photographer, Ilana Rose, This Chicken Life is a collection of stories about chickens and the Australians who love them. You’ll meet Jareth Bullivant, an animal liberationist who takes his rescue broilers Twistie and Sephiroth to the beach. Nik Round, a Victorian advertising executive who is focused on saving a heritage breed. Summer Farrelly from Queensland, a twelve-year-old with autism who connects with the world through her chooks and has started a chicken therapy program. Shane Secombe, who rescues the unwanted roosters of Alice Springs and gives them a second life at the prison. And Adele Scott, a burlesque performer and interior designer with tattoos and a permaculture garden. Oh, and Costa.

Funny, joyful and moving, This Chicken Life unpacks an obsession and a love affair. Chickens and humans, heart to heart, face to beak. This is no fad, it’s a way of life.

About the Author

Fiona Scott-Norman is a writer, comedian and cabaret director who lives in inner-city Melbourne with her eight heritage bantam chickens. Fiona got her first flock in 2012, jumping on board the backyard chicken train without a clue what she was doing. Three flocks, two visits from Ms Fox, and one disastrous restocking (where all the chickens hated each other) later, she’s seasoned. Chickens aside, Fiona has had a long, shimmering career as a writer, social commentator and arts journalists. She has written for The Age and The Australian, as well as for TV comedies Back Berner and Comedy Company, and has also written three books.

About the Photographer

Ilana Rose, photojournalist and photographer, is renowned for her documentation of gritty subcultures and her passion for social justice. She’s photographed rock stars, drag queens and graffiti gangs. She has worked on long-term projects documenting Indigenous justice programs and the plight of Melbourne’s homeless community, and has travelled widely telling stories of the world’s poor and disenfranchised. She’s done everything. She’s been everywhere. She’s fearless, intrepid and has a keen nose for a story.

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