Ultimate Pack – 60 litre Feeder & Waterer DELIVERED


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This Extra Large Pack includes:
1 x 60 litre Waterer 4 outlet
1 x 60 litre Feeder 2 outlet
Delivery on a tracked courier anywhere in Australia!!

Suited to any size flock. Great for going away or just not having to refill water and food tubs often! Takes 1.5 bags of chicken grain (minimum).

💦Keep your chickens hydrated with fresh clean water.
💦No wastage of water, splashing or getting dirty.
💦Fully removable lid for easy access inside
💦No tipping of bowls
💦Reduce poop and straw build-up and clogging your water

🍴Why not make it harder for your chooks to scratch food everywhere!
🍴This not only saves on the food cost but reduces 🐀 rodent activity.

🐔Food Grade Tubs

Upgrade to Automatic cups available

Approx Dimensions of Drum: 60cm x 67cm

Please note, as we recycle these drums and save them from landfill, the size and shape may vary slightly. These are all human food grade drums and have never been used to store chemicals. Drums may have patches where stickers were attached.

Additional information

Water Outlet Style

Standard, Automatic, Horizontal Nipples

How many Water Outlets?

Four Outlets, Five Outlets, Six Outlets

How many Feeder Outlets?

Two Outlets, Three Outlets, Four Outlets


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