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Elevate education with The Good Life Backyard. Our grow kits, sprouting kits, and mealworm grow pods provide hands-on learning experiences. From botany to entomology, students explore biology, ecology, and sustainability. These kits foster responsibility, patience, and critical thinking while nurturing a connection to nature. Transform your curriculum with The Good Life Backyard and cultivate a generation of environmentally conscious citizens.

Chick Raising Bundles


Witness the Journey of Life, from Egg to Fluffball!

Educational and Engaging:

Foster curiosity, observation skills, and critical thinking.

Comprehensive Stem Integration

Engage with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a hands-on manner.

Fosters Responsibility and Care:

Teach students the value of nurturing and empathy..

The Bug Factory Mealworm Grow Pods

Introducing Mealworm Grow Kits, a game-changing educational tool for Australian and New Zealand classrooms. These kits provide hands-on learning in sustainability, life cycles, and responsible pet care

Hands-On Learning Experience

Mealworm Grow Kits provide a captivating, real-life science experiment right in the classroom. Students can observe the entire life cycle of mealworms, from larva to pupa to beetle, fostering a deep understanding of biology and ecology.

Encourages Responsibility and Empathy:

Caring for living creatures instills a sense of responsibility and empathy in students. They’ll learn the importance of providing a nurturing environment and balanced nutrition, crucial skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Fosters Teamwork and Collaboration:

Students working together to manage the mealworm ecosystem fosters a sense of teamwork and collaboration. They’ll learn to communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and problem-solve as a group.

“Grow kits in schools cultivate essential life skills and environmental awareness”

Students engage in hands-on learning, nurturing plants from seed to harvest, instilling patience and responsibility. This experiential approach enhances understanding of biology, ecology, and sustainability. It fosters teamwork, problem-solving, and time management skills. Witnessing growth firsthand builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Ultimately, integrating grow kits enriches education, nurturing a generation attuned to nature and committed to a more sustainable future.

Wheatgrass Grow Kits

Incorporating our Wheatgrass Kit into schools and kindergartens is a game-changer for the well-being of your students and little learners. Here’s why:

Educational and Engaging:

Turn the growth process into a hands-on science lesson! From planting the seeds to witnessing the vibrant green shoots, students will be captivated by the magic of plant life.

Cultivates a Lifelong Appreciation for Nature:

Watching wheatgrass grow is a delightful introduction to the wonders of nature. It fosters a sense of wonder, curiosity, and respect for the environment.

. Fosters Responsibility and Care:

Caring for the wheatgrass kit instills a sense of responsibility and nurturing in young minds. They’ll learn about plant life cycles, the importance of water and sunlight, and the rewards of patience.

Educational Chicken Keeping Essentials

Are you an educator looking to bring hands-on learning to your students? Our Educational Chick Raising Experience is tailor-made for schools! This comprehensive pack is designed to foster curiosity, responsibility, and a deeper understanding of life cycles.

Aligned with Curriculum Standards:

 Enhance your biology and agriculture lessons with a hands-on approach to life sciences.

Convenience for Educators:

With all essentials in one pack, save valuable prep time and focus on interactive learning experience

Cost-Effective Learning Investment:

Get everything you need at an unbeatable price, making it a valuable addition to your school’s educational resources.

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