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Backyard Chicken Keeping Top Tips

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➡️ New Chickens

Give new chickens a week or so to learn they have a new home before allowing them to roam free. Talking to your chickens when giving them food or a treat is a great idea so they associate humans with good things. Chickens recognise 100+ faces!

➡️ Worms & Mites

Treat for worms every three months and ensure they have an area to dust-bathe to help smother mites. Dusting your chooks once a month with Diatomaceous Earth or Pestene will also prevent mites & lice – particularly if they free range.

➡️ Moulting

Your chickens will moult once each year (usually autumn)- this is completely normal and harmless. The moult will last around 8-10 weeks & during this period they will not lay eggs.

➡️ Fancy Flying

If you find your chooks are flying over the fence and bothering your neighbours, you can trim the feathers of one wing while they sleep so they won’t be able to fly off. Remember, feathers grow back so you will need to repeat as necessary – around twice a year.

➡️ Shell Grit

Chickens don’t have any teeth so they need grit to break and grind down their food. Shell grit should be available to your chooks at all times. They will eat this when they need a calcium boost.

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