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Can chickens eat pumpkin seeds?

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Chickens go crazy for pumpkin, probably because it’s so good for them. Fresh, cooked or dried are all fine. The flesh of pumpkins is full of vitamins A, B, and C. It’s also packed with zinc and potassium. All of these are key nutrients that your birds need, and may even be deficient in.

✅ Pumpkins are rich in Vitamin A, a vitamin that is essential for the plumage and overall health of your chickens. The deficiency of this vitamin can make them vulnerable to health issues like poor feathering, pale wattles and combs, and nasal discharge.

✅ Pumpkin contains Vitamin C in abundance, which is indispensable in maintaining their immune responses and protecting them from all kinds of diseases and infections.

✅ Pumpkins also contain potassium, a key mineral in helping your chickens deal with extreme heat. Additionally, if the egg-laying hens eat these fruits, their potassium will lend a deeper orange shade to the yolk of their eggs.

Pumpkins are one of those fruits that are filled with all goodness. However, they can only benefit your pets when fed in moderation.

Pumpkin as a dewormer:

Pumpkin has long been touted as a natural dewormer. There was one study done in mice that showed extracts from pumpkin seeds reduced the worm load when fed in 8 grams of pumpkin per 1 kg of animal weight.

Other plants that are possible dewormers are:

– Dill

– Carrots

– Chicory

– Cucumber

– Dill

– Garlic

– Hyssop

– Mint

– Nasturtium

– Plantain

– Squash

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