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🌺🌻 Making sure your chickens are eating nutritiously is just as important as making sure we are eating nutritiously. Giving your flock access to highly nutritious chicken-friendly plants like herbs, veggies, and perennials can be an easy way for you to consume the benefits of the plants as well. 🌻🌺

So, which flowers will give you and your flock Flower Power?!

1. Nasturtium

Nasturtium not only attracts beneficial bugs but the leaves and flowers are also edible for humans and make wonderful salad garnish.

Your chickens will love eating both the leaves and the flowers, which are thought to be a natural wormer and also have antibiotic properties.

2. Comfrey

These perennial chicken-friendly plants are rich in protein, potassium, and calcium. Beneficial to chickens for their general health and laying.

3. Marigold

Marigold not only ward off insects in your garden, but they are also an antioxidant and promote the growth of new skin tissue. As an added bonus, chickens who eat marigolds lay eggs with bright yellow yolks.

4. Rose

Rose and rose hips cleanse blood toxins and act as antiseptics and antibacterial agents for both humans and chickens.

5. Echinacea

Echinacea flowers and seeds are excellent for improving respiratory health. Chickens are extremely susceptible to respiratory illnesses, so planting some echinacea will benefit them greatly.

6. Lavender

Lavender is a natural insect repellent. Putting dried lavender in your chicken coop or near your chicken run can have calming effects on the chickens as well as be a natural air freshener.

7. Sunflower

Sunflower seeds are excellent chicken snacks, and are basically free chicken feed. They not only help boost your chicken’s nutritional profile, but they provide much-needed shade.

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