It is so important to keep a clean coop and we have some fabulous ready made cleaning options available. However, if you want a completely natural homemade cleaner we can also help. Why not try our homemade coop cleaning recipe?

局 Ingredients:

6 grapefruit or 8 oranges or 12 lemons or limes

Apple cider vinegar

Cinnamon if you have it

Jar with airtight lid

Spray bottle

局 Method:

1. Remove skin from the citrus you have chosen with a peeler. You will only need the skin for this recipe

2. Place the fruit skins into a large jar (with an airtight lid), and add apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of cinnamon(or one cinnamon quill) until the skins are submerged.

3. Place in the pantry and ferment for two weeks.

4. After two weeks, get a strainer and empty the jars contents through it, keeping the liquid and discarding the skin.

5. Add equal parts concentrate and water to spray bottle.

6. Use to clean coops and all areas where chooks reside