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How to make an edible Chicken’s Christmas Garland

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‘Tis the season to string popped corn and cranberries and hang them on the trees outside for a tasty treat for your chickens or wild birds.

If you are looking for a fun way to add some holiday cheer to your chicken coop, try making an edible chicken treat “garland” for your feathered friends! Not only does it deliver a healthy snack, but it also will keep your hens happy and entertained.

You will need:

  • some fruit/veggies to string – You could use anything you think would stand up to being strung. Try to pick lots of red and green foods and alternate the colours as you string them. Some festive, nutritious ideas your chickens will love include: Radishes – raw, Beets – raw or cooked, Cranberries -fresh or dried, Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Carrots – raw or cooked, Grapes, Peas – fresh or frozen, Brussels Sprouts – raw or cooked, Hard-boiled eggs, Popcorn – air popped, no salt or butter, Walnuts, Raisins. Why not add a chook lolly whilst you are there!
  • twine (be careful using strings around your chickens, fishing line or thread could be ingested by the birds and get tangled in their crop. Even with twine, be sure to remove it as soon as they are done eating)
  • something to push the twine into the fruit a needle or small screwdriver


  1. Cut the twine to length, knot one end leaving about a 20cm tail
  2. Start stringing the fruit/veggie
  3. Use the flat end of the screwdriver or needle to push the twine all the way though the fruit  
  4. You can feed to your birds immediately, or pop it in the freezer to keep for a week or so.  

Note: Wild birds would also love this (just be sure to not feed wild birds near your flock to avoid any disease transmission).

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