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*Homemade Fly Traps

These easy-to-make at-home paper strips are amazing at trapping all types of flying bugs and will always be preferable to toxic sprays and/or lamps. The paper is easily changeable if it becomes full. Flypaper, when it’s at full capacity, is NOT a pretty sight. If you make several at a time, you can strategically place them around your house, or a problem area you have. A word of advice, make sure you place them where people and chickens won’t get stuck!

Step 1: Cut strips of tough paper. At the top of each strip cut a hole so that you can easily thread a length of string through it, to form a hanging loop.

Step 2: In a pot, or rimmed saucepan mix one part water to one part sugar and one part honey/golden syrup (whatever you have on hand). Then heat it until the mixture has combined. Turn heat off, and let the mixture cool a little bit.

Step 3: Once it cools down to a point where it will not burn your hand, dip the paper into the syrup making sure that the whole strip is well coated.

Step 4: Hang the strips over a baking tray and leave to drip dry. When they are dry, the flypaper strips are ready to hang up!


Mosquitoes are an unfortunate side effect of life, especially if you happen to live near a body of water. There are so many non-toxic products being advertised to us, but the immense cost of them would deter anyone away. This cheap and easy recipe is a sure-fire way to remove those pesky bugs for a nice quiet evening outside.

Mix one part garlic juice with five parts water and keep it in a spray bottle. Making sure to shake well before using, spray it onto any part of the body exposed and/or that you want to keep mosquito bite-free.

To keep your house mosquito-free, dip cotton balls into the mixture and place around anywhere that has an opening to outside. As for outside eating areas, surround your table or seating area with marigold, rosemary, and sage plants. Try to avoid leaving your birdbaths or ponds dirty as that will attract mosquitos to lay. And remember to always use a fly screen when sleeping outside in tents.

*Indoor Moths

Once moths have set up their space, it is extremely difficult to deter them out of your house. One of the best ways to defend yourself against moths is to be extremely vigilant when vacuuming making sure you pay attention to underneath furniture and rugs.

Another way is to be careful when buying rugs, furniture, floor coverings, and second-hand clothing, as moths always seem to bury themselves in them. Some natural deterrents are: cedar chips bay leaves lavender rose petals dried lemon peel rosemary All of the beforementioned ingredients can be mixed into a fragrant pouri and displayed in bowls, making sure you place them in strategic places. Or, place a string into a mixture of cedar, lavender, and rosemary oil, then carefully trail that around the edges of the room.


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