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10 Essential items for backyard chicken keepers

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If you’re a backyard chicken keeper, you know that keeping your feathered friends healthy and happy is no easy task. In addition to providing them with food and water, there are a number of essential items that every chicken keeper should have on hand. Here are 10 must-have items that every backyard chicken keeper needs:

  1. A secure coop: A sturdy and secure coop is essential for protecting your chickens from predators and the elements. Make sure it is spacious enough to allow your chickens to move around and access their food and water easily.
  2. Quality chicken feed: Providing your chickens with a balanced and nutritious diet is crucial for their health and well-being. Invest in a good-quality chicken feed that is appropriate for their age and breed.
  3. Waterer and feeder: A clean and reliable waterer and feeder are essential for ensuring that your chickens have access to fresh water and food at all times. Look for durable and easy-to-clean options that can be easily refilled.
  4. Bedding material: Keeping your coop clean and dry is important for preventing disease and maintaining your chickens’ health. Use high-quality bedding material, such as hemp or pine shavings, to keep the coop clean and comfortable.
  5. Nesting boxes: If you’re keeping chickens for eggs, you’ll need to provide them with a comfortable and private place to lay their eggs. Nesting boxes should be lined with clean bedding material and should be easily accessible for cleaning.
  6. Chicken wire: Chicken wire is an essential tool for keeping your chickens safe from predators. Use it to enclose your coop and outdoor area, and make sure that it is secure and free of any gaps or holes.
  7. Egg cartons: If you’re planning to sell or give away your eggs, you’ll need a supply of clean and sturdy egg cartons. Look for recycled or biodegradable options to minimise waste. Our reusable egg carriers are great, and can even be taken camping!
  8. First-aid kit: Just like any other pet, chickens can get sick or injured. Keep a basic first-aid kit on hand that includes bandages, disinfectant, and other supplies for treating minor injuries. We have an essential first aid kit all ready to go here.
  9. Shell Grit: Chickens need grit to help them digest their food. Provide them with a supply of clean and sharp grit that is appropriate for their age and breed. It also keeps shells hard and helps through moult.
  10. Cleaning supplies: Keeping your coop clean is important for preventing disease and maintaining your chickens’ health. Keep a supply of cleaning supplies on hand, including a scrub brush, disinfectant, and a broom.

With these 10 must-have items, you’ll be taking important steps towards maintaining the well-being and safety of your backyard chickens. Keep your feathered friends healthy, happy, and secure with these essentials. Happy chicken keeping!

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