Premium 10 Litre Chicken Feeder

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Premium Chicken Feeder, Australian owned and made, designed to minimise feed spillage and reduce costs. With a cleverly included rain cover, it keeps feed dry and unspoiled. This feeder is made from BPA-free, 100% food-grade materials. It also features a removable lid for easy refill and is supplied with an outlet to manage feed distribution.  Elevate your chicken care with this essential feeder.

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10 Litre Premium Chicken Feeder

  • Certified Australian owned and made.
  • Minimises spillage of food by making it harder for chickens to scratch food everywhere. This reduces feed costs and can reduce rodent activity.
  • Rain cover over the feeding port is included.
  • Australian made BPA free and 100% food grade tubs.
  • Removeable lid for easy access inside.
  • Supplied with one outlet.

Approx Dimensions of tub: 30cm x 22cm x22cm

Feed cap to block access at nighttime is also available.

Why choose our 10 Litre Premium Feeder?

10 Litre Premium Chicken Feeder, a great addition to any backyard chicken coop, designed to cater to the practical needs of chicken owners. Proudly certified as Australian owned and made.

At the heart of its design, our feeder aims to significantly minimise spillage. It makes it challenging for chickens to scatter food indiscriminately. This not only curtails feed wastage but also plays a crucial role in reducing feed costs over time. More importantly, by limiting scattered feed, it actively discourages rodent visits, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment for your feathered friends.

Understanding the unpredictable nature of outdoor conditions, each feeder is equipped with a rain cover over the feeding port.

Ease of use is fundamental to our design. Hence, the feeder features a removable lid that allows for effortless access to the interior, simplifying the process of refilling feed. Each feeder is supplied with one outlet, optimising the distribution of feed and making it accessible to multiple chickens simultaneously.

The feeder’s dimensions, approximately 30cm x 22cm x 22cm, make it an ideal fit for coops of various sizes, ensuring that it does not occupy excessive space while still holding a substantial amount of feed.

For those seeking additional convenience, we offer an optional feed cap to block access during nighttime. This accessory is invaluable for those looking to further regulate their chickens’ feeding schedule and prevent overnight feed spoilage.

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4 reviews for Premium 10 Litre Chicken Feeder

  1. Jacqui (verified owner)

    Love the feeder, just need to keep the ducks out.

  2. Tania Livingston (verified owner)

  3. Cath Budd (verified owner)

  4. Glenda Moroni (verified owner)

    I feel the red pipe needs to be an inch shorter at the bottom

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