Australian Hemp Seed

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Australian hemp hearts and hulls are packed with all-natural protein, omega oils, and calcium, these seeds promote robust egg production and shiny feathers. Sourced sustainably, our 100% natural hemp seed hearts and hulls are rich in Omega 3, 6, 9, enhancing overall health and wellbeing.

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Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious foods available in nature.
All-natural protein, omega oils, and calcium assist in egg production and promote healthy shiny feathers, and happy, healthy birds.

100% Australian, natural hemp seed hearts and hulls. Full fibre, high protein seed, packed full of naturally occurring Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

Naturally loaded with nutritional value, for optimal health and wellbeing.

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Asides from being a great reservoir of protein, hemp seeds are also rich in omega-fats and are an excellent substitute to the flax seeds and chia seeds often used in this reach. These seeds, which are a component of the fast-growing hemp plant – a desirable factor in raw material sourcing, also require little to zero application of chemicals during cultivation, ensuring the preservation and production of an organic output.

After a study conducted by scientists at the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health to determine the feasibility of hemp as an alternative feed supplement, it was observed and confirmed that hemp can be safely given to chickens and bolsters the possibility of enriched yolk fats in poultry eggs.

Similar results conducted further supported this finding as egg yolks from hemp-fed hens were observed to be richer in omega-3 fats than those obtained from hens fed with rapeseed.

For centuries, hemp has been cultivated and harvested for various reasons due to its numerous benefits. With the hemp plant, there is no disputing the statement “nothing is to be wasted” because of the essentiality of every part of it; from the flowers to the stem, the seeds, and other components; every inch is invaluable, especially to the manufacturing and production industry.

Suitable to be fed as a treat or at a ratio of ten parts normal feed to one part hemp seed.

Contains: 100% Australian low THC(< 0.30%) hemp seed hearts and hulls.

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    The chooks seem to love it when its throw into the coop.

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    All my chookys love it when I put it out as a treat.

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