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The ChickenGuard Extreme can lift heavier coop doors and is suitable for use in the most extreme climates. It is not called extreme without reason.

This Automatic coop door opener is a rugged unit with an upgraded motor that will protect your hens from foxes and other predators. The Extreme Door Opener opens and closes the coop door automatically using both a timer and also a light sensor.

Now, you have peace of mind when you can’t be back at dusk to secure your hens. ChickenGuard makes it easy to manage backyard chickens and commercial coops.

  • Can lift doors up to 4kg
  • Upgraded motor suitable for extreme weather climates
  • Light sensor option to open and close the coop door
  • Easy to set up timer
  • Program the unit to open and close at a time that suit you and your hens. You can even use a combination of light sensor and timer settings.
  • Manually open with the touch of a button
  • Battery Power: 4 x AA Batteries (included)
  • Connect to mains power via USB
  • Made in the UK
  • Warranty: 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Does not include door

The ChickenGuard Extreme features an extra-powerful motor, enabling the unit to lift larger coop doors weighing up to 4kg. This robust motor is also well-suited for use in areas of Australia that experience extremes in temperature and precipitation of rain and snow.

A seal protects the mechanisms to ensure the motor continues to work regardless of the weather.

Predators such as foxes, owls and wild animals like to strike at night. This automatic coop door opener and closer ensures your hens are securely tucked in when predators lurk outside.

The beauty of this system is that once you have programmed the unit to operate when you want, you will be able to come home later and sleep in longer with a peace of mind that comes from knowing your chickens are safe.

ChickenGuard ensures it is easy to program and use. In fact, the extra-large buttons allow you to set the timers even with gardening gloves on!

Program each day to open or close using either a light sensor or timer. A light sensor will ensure your hens are outside at dawn, just when they are waking up, and will close as night falls. However, if those times do not suit your henhouse, then you can choose the precise hour and minute for the door to operate.


Compare ChickenGuards:

Standard Premium Extreme
3 year Warranty 3 year Warranty 3 year Warranty
Programmable Timer Programmable Timer Programmable Timer
Lifts 1kg Lifts 1kg Lifts 4kg
Batteries Included Batteries Included Batteries Included
Mains Power Enabled Mains Power Enabled Mains Power Enabled
Adjustable Light Sensor Adjustable Light Sensor
Works in Extreme Weather
Extra Powerful Motor



  1. Attach ChickenGuard above the coop door

    Secure the unit using the screw provided above the open coop door. Place the cord central to the door.

  2. Initial Set up

    Using the setup wizard, program your time and day

  3. Calibrate the door

    This process involves telling the unit when the door if fully up and completely closed. Once you have completed this step, the calibration will be complete and ready to open automatically

  4. Open and Close settings

    Select if you would like the light sensor to open and close the door or a timer. You can even choose a combination of both a light sensor and timer.

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