Double Rollaway Nesting Box

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Rollaway design ensures safe egg collection and prevents egg destruction. Galvanised steel sides, durable rust-resistant plastic. Ventilation, easy cleaning, wall-mountable. Optional legs for flexible setup. Ships flat-packed.

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Double Rollaway Nesting Box+Low Nest Box Leg
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An affordable yet quality range of wall mountable or free standing nesting box in single, double, triple, and quadruple nest holes

  • Made in Spain 🇪🇸
  • This nesting box has a rollaway design to ensure the egg rolls safely away upon laying and prevents poultry from destroying their own eggs
  • Features a front guard to help prevent the birds from scratching out bedding
  • The sides are made of galvanised steel while the sloped top and internal floor is a durable plastic that has been used so it will not rust, rot or corrode
  • There are openings on the sides and designed into the plastic bottom nest to allow airflow and ventilation
  • Detachable plastic basket insert makes for easy cleaning
  • Shipped flat-packed to save on freight costs, but easy to assemble (and pre-cut holes for mounting on a wall)
  • Optional legs are available that allow the flexibility of where the nesting boxes sit in a free-standing double-row battery set up.
  • Legs available in single or double depth
  • Low nest legs also available – second picture shown with low nest box legs attached

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Dimensions: 530mm wide x 535mm deep x 455mm high


Why choose the double rollaway nesting box?

Choose this nesting box for an economical yet high-quality solution. Made in Spain, it features a rollaway design, preventing egg damage and a front guard to protect bedding. Crafted from galvanised steel and durable plastic, it resists rust and corrosion.

Ventilation openings ensure a comfortable laying environment. The detachable plastic basket allows for easy cleaning. Shipped flat-packed for cost-effective shipping, assembly is straightforward with pre-cut wall-mounting holes.

Optional legs provide versatility in placement for free-standing setups. Available in single or double depth, and even low nest legs for customised preferences.

What is a rollaway nesting box?

A rollaway nest box is a type of nesting box designed for poultry, such as chickens. It is a specialized enclosure where hens can lay their eggs. The distinctive feature of a rollaway nest box is that it has a sloped or slanted floor with a gentle incline. This design allows freshly laid eggs to roll away from the nesting area, making it easier for the farmer or poultry keeper to collect them without disturbing the hens.

The main benefits of rollaway nest boxes include:

1. Cleaner Eggs: Because the eggs roll away from the nesting area, they are less likely to come into contact with droppings or other contaminants, resulting in cleaner eggs.

2. Reduced Egg Eating: In traditional nesting boxes with flat floors, some hens may develop a habit of pecking at eggs, which can lead to egg-eating. The sloped floor of a rollaway nest box discourages this behaviour.

3. Ease of Collection: Eggs are conveniently collected from a separate compartment, often located outside of the coop or easily accessible from a collection area. This reduces the need to enter the coop and disturb the hens.

4. Improved Hygiene: Rollaway nest boxes can contribute to a cleaner and more sanitary nesting area, as eggs are less likely to accumulate in the nest and become soiled.

5. Less Risk of Broken Eggs: Because the eggs are collected promptly, there is a lower risk of them getting broken or damaged by other hens or environmental factors.

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    Good product

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