External Hanging Rollaway Nestboxes – Four Sizes


External chicken nest boxes have a rollaway design for safe egg collection, preventing damage. The eggs are collected from outside the chicken coop. It’s well-ventilated with side openings and a removable plastic insert for easy cleaning. This flat-packed unit is straightforward to assemble with pre-cut mounting holes. Slanted trays ensure eggs stay protected under the green front lid.

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External nesting box (hanging): Designed to hang on the outside of a wall with eggs being collected from outside the coop

  • Rollaway design that ensures the egg roll safely away upon laying and prevents poultry from destroying their own eggs
  • Openings on the sides and designed into the plastic bottom nest to allow airflow and ventilation
  • The detachable plastic basket insert makes for easy cleaning
  • Flat-packed, but easy to assemble (plus pre-cut holes for mounting on a wall)
  • The laying trays slant forward slightly allowing the eggs to roll forward under the green front lid and stay protected from damage.

The easy-to-clean removable trays and metal design makes this nesting box extremely simple to clean. Debris will fall through the netted trays and any excess can be cleaned by removing the trays and wiping down, along with the metal, with warm/boiling water.

Made in Spain 🇪🇸

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Available in single, double, triple, and quadruple.

Perches available for these external nest boxes here


Single: 267mm Length X 520mm Width X 480mm Height
Double: 532mm Length X 520mm Width X 480mm Height
Triple: 797mm Length X 520mm Width X 480mm Height
Quadruple: 1061mm Length X 520mm Width X 480mm Height

Why choose these rollaway external nesting boxes?

Experience convenience and efficiency with our External Hanging Nesting Box. Designed to hang on the outside of your coop, it allows for hassle-free egg collection without disturbing your feathered friends. The rollaway feature ensures eggs safely roll away upon laying, preventing potential damage and preserving their quality. This innovative design also prevents poultry from destroying their own eggs, adding an extra layer of protection. With openings on the sides and a ventilated plastic bottom, it creates a comfortable environment for your birds. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the detachable plastic basket insert, and the flat-packed assembly with pre-cut wall-mounting holes adds to its user-friendly design.

Crafted with care in Spain, this nesting box reflects quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Available in single, double, triple, and quadruple configurations, you can choose the size that best suits your flock’s needs. The netted trays allow debris to fall through, simplifying the cleaning process. For thorough cleaning, remove the trays and wipe them, along with the metal, with warm or boiling water. Elevate your poultry-keeping experience with this nesting box, offering a blend of functionality, durability, and ease of maintenance that will benefit both you and your birds.

What is an external nest box?

An external nest box is a specialised compartment designed for poultry to lay their eggs in a location outside of their main living area, typically attached to the exterior of a coop or barn. This innovative design serves several important purposes in poultry management. Firstly, it facilitates easy access for egg collection without the need to enter the coop, which minimises disruption to the birds and helps maintain a cleaner and more organised living space. Additionally, external nest boxes often feature rollaway designs, ensuring that freshly laid eggs are safely deposited away from the nesting area, preventing potential damage or pecking by the hens.

External nest boxes are engineered with ventilation and airflow in mind, providing a comfortable and conducive environment for egg-laying. They are crafted to be easy to clean, with removable inserts or trays that simplify maintenance. This type of nesting box also comes in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different flock sizes and coop setups, offering flexibility and convenience to poultry keepers. An external nest box is a valuable addition to any poultry operation, enhancing egg collection efficiency, egg quality, and the overall well-being of the birds.

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Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple


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