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FeatherFuel Power Pack: The Ultimate Protein-Packed Chicken Health Bundle!

FeatherFuel Power Pack is specially curated bundle designed to boost your flock’s health and vitality. Packed with high-quality protein-rich supplements, this bundle is the ultimate game-changer for your feathered friends!


1. Protein Powerhouse Pecking Powder

Elevate your chickens’ protein intake with our FeatherFuel Protein Powerhouse Pellets! Crafted with premium, nutrient-dense ingredients, these pellets promote strong muscle development, feather growth, and overall vitality.

2. Mighty Mealworms

Treat your flock to the delectable Mighty Mealworms! Packed with protein-rich mealworms, this blend provides a natural source of essential amino acids, promoting optimal health and energy levels.

 3. Calci-Protein Blend

Our specially formulated Calci Protein Blend combines the benefits of high-quality protein with essential calcium. This unique blend supports not only muscle development and feather growth but also strong bones and eggshell formation.

Why Choose the FeatherFuel Power Pack?

  • Maximise Muscle, Feather Growth, and Bone Strength: The high-quality protein sources and calcium-enriched Calci Protein Blend are tailored to help support strong muscle development, luscious feather growth, and robust bone health.
  • Boosted Vitality: Help your chickens thrive with increased energy levels and enhanced overall vitality.
  • Fun and Engaging: Treat your chickens to a delicious, protein-packed feast while giving them the opportunity to engage in natural foraging behaviour.

Elevate your flock’s health and happiness with the FeatherFuel Power Pack. Watch them strut their stuff with newfound vigour and radiance!

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