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Foraging is an essential component of maintaining the health and well-being of chickens, significantly benefiting their natural behaviours and egg-laying capabilities. Utilise this specialised seed mix to cultivate a diverse array of nutritious greens throughout the year, offering your chickens and other poultry a gourmet feast.

Whether planted directly in the chicken run or integrated into your garden, these forage greens provide convenient and healthy snacks for your feathered friends. This Forage Garden Grow Kit extends the versatility of this approach, allowing for growth in trays that can be easily introduced to the chicken pen whenever necessary. This method not only enriches their diet but also stimulates a more natural and enjoyable environment for your chickens to thrive in.

What’s Inside:

🌿 2 x Australian-Made Growing Trays (36 x 39 x 7cm) with Recycled Plastic and Drainage System
– Crafted with care from recycled plastic, these trays offer a sustainable growing solution.

🌿 2 x Recycled Plastic Australian-Made Drainage Bases
– Ensure optimal water flow and a healthy environment for your greens to thrive.

🌿 1 x Block of 100% Natural Organic Coconut Coir
– This eco-friendly material serves as the perfect foundation for your flourishing foraging trays.

🌿 1 x 100g Bag of Forage Seeds
– Abundant enough to cultivate up to 12 trays of vibrant greens, this diverse seed selection includes:

– Bok Choi – Baby
– Buckwheat
– Japanese Millet
– Borage
– Cocksfoot
– Chicory
– Nasturtium
– Marigold
– Baby Silverbeet
– Alfalfa
– White Clover
– Grey Striped Sunflower

🌿 Step-by-Step Instructions for Use
– Easy-to-follow guidance ensures a successful and enjoyable growing experience.

Whether you’re tending to a backyard flock or nurturing young minds in a classroom, this kit provides a hands-on learning experience and a nutritious treat for your chickens. Elevate your foraging game with our thoughtfully curated selection of seeds that promise rapid growth and robust regrowth.

Get ready for a bounty of green goodness!


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  1. Vanita (verified owner)

    Really looking forward to getting started

  2. bronwyn cowell (verified owner)

  3. Gordon Price (verified owner)

  4. Jade S. (verified owner)

  5. Fiona Flynn (verified owner)

    Just a beautiful idea and all my seeds came up

  6. Kimbla Robinson (verified owner)

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